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Admit-Not Enrolled

These reports examine enrollment decisions of the cohort of applicants who were admitted to UIC, but did not enroll at UIC using National Student Clearinghouse Student Tracker data. Findings for a selected subpopulations of admitted students are also provided.(UIC Login Required)

Admission Via Excellence

Admission Via Excellence (AVE) is a standardized test blind policy in which students in the top 4 percent of their Illinois High School graduating class are automatically admitted to a UIC college. The Admission Via Excellence Assessment is an ongoing report comparing AVE student progress to all other Illinois Resident UIC students.

Non-Returning Student Report

These reports examine the 'eligible but not enrolled' population. These are undergraduate students who did not continue at UIC, although they were academically eligible. (UIC Login Required)

Annual UIC Campus Leadership Retreat

Fall 2014 - August 19, 2014

Common App Report

A Review of UIC's Transition Year to the Common Application

Download reportUIC joined the Common Application (CA) consortium for the Fall 2013 application cycle. This report documents the transition to the CA as the tool for processing undergraduate applications. The document shares information and lessons learned during the fall 2013 application cycle. While the numbers reported in the document reflect final application numbers, it was initially drafted in the midst of the application cycle and was written in terms of the process. The report served to complement and add to the 2013 weekly application cycle reports distributed by AES. [download report] (UIC Login Required)

Advising Matters

Advising Matters: An examination of how students use and value advising resources at UIC.
Advising Matters is a multi-year study of how UIC undergraduates use and value advising resources on campus. The study is on-going, but a series of reports and presentations have been prepared on data gathered thus far.

Grad Entering Student Survey

The Graduate College Entering Student Survey
The Graduate College Entering Student Survey is collaboration between the Graduate College and Enrollment Management. The survey is administered to newly enrolled graduate students. The reports on the GESS are available at the links below.

CPS Market Analysis

The 2018 CPS Market Analysis seeks to provide context into the availability of qualified Black UIC applicants in Chicago. The report examines CPS graduates by race/ethnicity who applied, admitted, and enrolled at UIC. Results reveal a racial disparity in the yield rate rate of Black CPS applicants to UIC. Reasons related to the internal and external Black UIC community are discussed as factors affecting the Black student yield rate.


College Student Experience Questionnaire (CSEQ) is a survey of enrolled students. The survey has been administered by Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Office of Vice Provost for Enrollment Management in alternating years since 2004.

  • Summary Report on the 2012 Administration of the College Student Experience Questionnaire [download report]
  • Summary Report on the 2010 Administration of the College Student Experience Questionnaire [download report]
  • Spring 2008 Follow-up of the 2004 freshmen CSEQ participants [download report]

During the spring of 2004, approximately 400 UIC students participated in the College Student Experience Questionnaire (CSEQ).  This included about 170 freshmen.  This report is an update on the status of those students four years later.

The full reports on CSEQ administration are available on the Student Affairs Research and Assessment website.

Financial Holds

The Financial Hold Report examines the impact of an unpaid balance on undergraduate persistence at UIC. Students from the 2016 entering freshmen cohort who were financially ineligible to register for the spring 2017 semester accounted for one-third of the total non-returning student population in the spring 2017 semester. This report provides evidence of a substantial impact of an unpaid balance on a student's ability to persist at UIC.

Pathways to Success

Pathways to Success for African American Males at UIC
The Pathways study, funded by the Office of the Provost, was collaboration among the College of Education, the Office of Degree Progress and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. The goal of the study was to examine the Pathways to Success for African American male students who navigated the academic and social systems at UIC to approach degree completion in a timely manner.

  • Paper on the Pathways Study presented at the American Educational Research Association, April 2011 [download report]
  • Using Institutional Studies to Inform Decisions about Black Male Initiative Programs and Support Services, Paper presented  at the 2012 AIR Annual Forum [download report]
  • Pathways to Success-Full Report to the Provost [download report]
  • Pathways Update: An Examination of the African American Male Freshmen 2008 cohort [download report]


Examination of a Graduation Cohort as a Tool for Understanding Undergraduate Progress to Degree, presented at the Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum, Spring 2012 [download report]

External Resources

Defining Promise: Optional Standardized Testing Policies in American College and University Admissions. (NACAC Report)
The report, written by William Hiss is a comprehensive effort to assess student outcomes in test- optional admission settings, is a project in keeping with the recommendations of NACAC's Commission on the Use of Standardized Admission Tests in Undergraduate Admission. [download report]

Entering Student Survey (ESS) 2008-2015

Reports from the 2015 administration

Reports from the 2014 administration

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Transfer Student Survey (TSS) 2014 - 2015

Reports from the 2015 administration

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